International herault
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Camping Le Temps Libre
Isere (38)
Scénif, at the ‘Temps Libre’ campsite near Lyon (France)
Scénif is the railwayman in Carabouille’s world. He is the only one to have a driving licence for the “Magical train”.
The trouble with Scénif is his watch. The little clockinette is always an hour ahead, like his train, so it’s never on time
Scénif does try to re-adjust his watch to the right time every morning, but to no avail, he’s always an hour ahead at the ‘Temps Libre’ train station.
Set your watches and stop at the ticketing office to get a seat in the 7th class in the Princess Wagon.
Without a ticket, Pointoclic the ticket controller will ship you to the 9th dimension. Rules are rules! ‘Bon voyage’ everyone!

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