Camping Le Paradis de Bazas
Gironde (33)
Balkos, at the ‘Le Paradis de Bazas’ campsite near Bordeaux (French Atlantic coast)
The master of Paradise is not who we think it is.
In Bazas anyway, it’s the Black Knight who’s got the keys.
To cross paradise, it’s simple, just take the boat with no sail, cross the bottomoless lagoon, and above all…. Go through the castle with no exit quietly so you won’t get noticed by the terrible Balkos.
Balkos hasn’t smiled for a long time. HIs sense of humour flew away at the same time as his destiny and stopped at the gates of Paradise.  Everyday, Balkos moans, whinge and storms from the top of his turret.
Give him his smile back, show him that the real Paradise is also on earth, surrounded by friends and loved ones. :o)
Come and run along the castles battlement and hide in the turrets; you may feel his presence and bring him back to life.

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