Carpe diem
Camping Le Moulinal
Dordogne (24)
Farinax, at the ‘Le Moulinal’ Campsite in Dordogne (Near Bergerac, South France)
Farinax was the baker in Carabouille’s world.
Farinax had a secret trick for his baking. He would get such fine flour from his mill that his ‘baguette’ had a fine, light and unique flavour. So. We would feel lighter and instantly happier after eating one of Farinax’s baguette.
To get such fine flour, Farinax would mill his wheat again and again, so much so that it took a whole year of milling sometimes to get enough flour for just one baguette.
On the day of the baguette, the locals from Bironax would gather and share the baguette and the precious moment.
One day, Farinax went to get a faster mill. Did he find it? No-one knows. And you ? Will you be able to operate the mill at Bironax ?

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