Cote vermeille
Clown ocean
Camping Montblanc Park
‘Amnesia’, at the MontBlanc Park campsite in Spain (Near Barcelona)
There are no frontiers for Carabouille: let’s follow her to Spain, to the MontBlanc Park castle, on the trail of a princess called ‘Amnesia’.
She was very beautiful but she had a terrible flaw: she had as much memory as a fish. Although courted by many gentlemen from the kingdom, she waited a long time for her Prince Charming, because they all left her one by one, vexed that she would never remember their names or birthdays.
 One however was so charmed by the Princess that he married her: Prince Gemmo, who didn’t mind her lack of memory, and who actually found all the names she called him, and all the birthday wishes quite amusing.  To ensure he wouldn’t lose her, he even painted all the shops in their village a different colour ……Come quick to the castle and get lost in it, then found yourself...

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