Camping Mille Pépites
Hérault (34)
Blindax is a small man with big dreams.
He dreams of a relaxed life, without work, with a lot of money and lots of hobbies.
In short, a dream that’s a bit unrealistic….
But Blindax is very lucky. He has a gold mine in the Land of Gold in a hidden and secret place.
And this gold mine gives him a lot of gold every day.
Every morning he wakes up and says to himself:
"Today is the last day! I am going to save my money and live my dream of doing nothing"
But every night, it just doesn’t happen that way…
It’s just Blindax personality.
When he has money, he has to spend it.
As soon as possible.
Every evening Blindax goes out with all the money he has earned that day.
And he goes to all the parties in the region.
Every day when he falls asleep he is broke.
And every morning Blindax wakes up feeling guilty.
He swears he will not do it again and goes back to the mine with his big dreams and fragile intentions.
Maybe one day, Blindax. We believe in you…

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