Temps libre
Las bousigues
Camping Le Grand Large
Finistère (29)
Angela, at the ‘Grand Large’ campsite in Brittany (French Atlantic coast)
Angela the witch is not handy or talented at dragoolly spells.
When she was young she asked her mum to find her a gentle, kind and attentive boy’. Maminou finds the the ideal husband, Pomponet who’s always singing praise about Angela’s.
Angela and Pomponet get married with great fanfare and move in the dark castle of Fouenor. Since then, people living in the area have never seen Pomponet again. Some say they can hear whimpers on a full moon night. No-one has dared to go and check the castle to see what has become of him.
Some remember Carabouille motto: "Before marriage, no improvising and little trying it out”. 

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