Mille pepites
Camping Duravel
Lot (46)
Mael, at the Duravel campsite in Dordogne (Near Bergerac, South France)
One morning, the locals at Duravel village got an enormous surprise.
Several enormous eggs had been left in front of their farms. Their white reflection shining in the sun and no clues to explain which strange animals had laid them there…
The farmers, stunned, waited a long time for the eggs to hatch but nothing was happening. No omelette or fried egg could be cooked as the shell was as hard as metal. The eggs remained at the same spot, intact, for many generations or Duravel farmers and the locals got used to the unusual sight.  
One full moon night, little Mael went out and met with Carabouille. She whispered a magical spell in his ear and disappeared in the darkness.  
Mael approached one of the eggs, stuck his mouth against it and chanted the magical spell. « Dragonicum and crackorum, great boolum fly away rooum. »
It was only unitl a few years later that little Mael was seen again. Riding a Dragon, he had become Carabouille’s knight. When Mael gets tired after slaying 5 headed snakes, he thinks to himself, that on that night, he should have stayed in bed…..

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