Mont blanc park
Camping CĂ´te Vermeille
Méditerranée (66)
Ropinson, at the ‘Côte Vermeille’ campsite near Béziers (Mediterranean coast)
Join Ropinson and his crabs on his island full of wonders!
After being pinched by Ropinson, Carabouille made his boat land on a desert island. Thankfully ‘Samedi’ and ‘Repeat’, the parrot, were there to keep him company.
Go on a discovery trip to the mysterious island, find the treasure and try to take a peak at the sailing ships from the top of Ropinson’s tower!
To get to the treasure help Ropinson and his friends to solve the Carabouilly enigma, no one has ever dared:
Pinch-Me and Pinch-Moo are on a boa, Pinch-Moo falls into the water, who’s left in the boat?

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