Camping Le Carpe Diem
Vaucluse (84)
Golorix, at the ‘Carpe Diem’ campsite in Provence (Near Avignon)
Golorix the Gaul lived in the Roman city of Carpe Diem, even if he wasn’t so himself.
Day-to-day living, the circle of the disappearing poets, running naked in the fields to the tunes of mandolins, none of it appealed much to Golorix.
“I like war, the smell of cold metal and the sound of my shield bashing Romans” he shouted to anyone who’d listen.
“They’ll be no use to you your poetic verses, mandolins when the Romans come to attack us“, he said enraged. Well, Golorix, who wasn’t really funny, would train to the art of war on his own, while his friends made the most of it.
One morning, the Romans arrived. They came from Rome. An entire legion of thousands of soldiers invaded the city of Carpe Diem.
Golorix saw red. He courageously took his weapons and got ready to fight and defend his city.
The Romans didn’t see it that way “There is no way we are going to another battle, let’s take a break and rest in this welcoming city”, decreed the Imperatore. Weapons were put down, and the Romans never left.
Carpe Diem stayed Carpe Diem and Golorix took up mandolin...

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